Doppelgänger /ˈdäpəlˌɡaNGər/ “A biologically unrelated look-alike, or a double, of a living person.”

We took over the old Kelly's Bake Shop & Cafe February 2020 with a mission to bring flavorful plant-based foods and baked goods to vegans and omnivores both! We're definitely hoping to make fans or, even better, converts of omnivores with delightful, surprising, flavorful plant-based foods. We want vegans to bring their omnivore friends in, and be a spot where omnivores can have a great sandwich and pastry and vegans are stuck eating salad and bread sticks. Yum?

But why didn't we stick with 'faux' adjectives such as chickun or chick'n or chick'un? It's because our regular and plant-based foods look so much alike we decided Doppelgänger was a better fit than faux. Our food isn't faux, it’s real and it looks and smells just like the original version.


And the taste? Well, come on in and try it out!



February 2020 marked 10 years being vegan for Jay. Jay was married for 20 years and her spouse was not vegan, so eating out was always a chore. Jay always wanted to create a place where omnivores and vegans could co-exist and both enjoy their food without having to sacrifice taste or options. Kelly's Crafty Kitchen is that place! She's not out to convert the planet, but if her food and flavors bring you around to the marvel's of flavorful plant-based foods, that'll be an extra win!
Jay is a Registered Dietitian who specializes in plant-based nutrition. She makes all the doppelgänger meats in house, except the burger and sausage.


Omnivore and head chef & baker, Mike is a Certified Dietary Manager with experience in running kitchens for over 20 years. Mike is a certified pastry chef and culinary wizard. Mike enjoys the challenge of veganizing his recipes and pleasing palates.  Mike was thrilled about the doppelgängers concept and jumped on board. 

Mike makes all his pastries in house, from scratch, to recipes that he's developed and morphed into plant-based versions.

Plant Based Food - Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


Our brand new menu of delectable desserts and scrumptious sammies will cover all of your cravings. Dedicated to quality and craft, we use wholesome ingredients and make everything from scratch. Owned and operated by a certified chef and registered dietitian, we not only create delicious food, but also offer the area’s most inventive plant-based items: from chocolate chunk cookies to doppleganger sandwiches, like the cracked pepper turkey (completely meat and dairy-free), will make you do a double take because they look and taste just like the real thing!

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